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The author of Hunger Games explained Katniss in a difficult way. How did y'all they were supposed to find a Native American actress with olive skin, naturally straight black hair and grey eyes. Please give me a link to one and I'll shut up forever.








There’s plenty of lists with Native American actresses you can google yourself.

Gray eyes aren’t a white only trait, nor is Jennifer Lawrence a gray eyed gal. So please do shut up forever.


I have grey eyes, and from my highly unscientific observations, grey eyes are the third most common eye colour among NDNs, after black and brown. There’s even Grey Eyes as a surename among some NDNs. 

But I digress. Throw some contact lenses on Q’orianka Kilcher, Keisha Castle-Huges or Jade Willoughby and you still have a better Katniss. 

I have a cousin, who is “full blood, I mean her father, her mother, her grandparents, all Native. and by the Gods - she has green eyes, with hint of like light brown.

I have gray eyes. And I’m an Indian from the same area Katniss is from (Southern Appalachia), mixed like Katniss, and from a coal mining family like Katniss. My brother and cousin both have gray eyes too. And my cousin has a higher BQ than me. So.

The white person cast as Katniss doesn’t have the hair color or skin tone or eye color in the character description and this anon wants to know about NDN eye color.

also, yknow, CONTACTS.

Okay I’m putting this to rest. Jennifer Lawrence has blue/grey eyes naturally.


(looks pretty fuckin grey/blue to me) OLIVE SKIN DOESNT MEAN DARK SKINNED BY ANY MEANS. Olive skin can mean Greek or Italian. I’m 100% Greek and I’m very olive but im pale as hell. How can I be olive you ask? Let me explain as a makeup artist. People have undertones to their skin, some people have yellow, some people have cool undertones or pink-ish undertones, and some people have, you guessed it, OLIVE! which Jennifer Lawrence has in her skin! Therefore she IS olive skinned. Here are some examples of white people with olive skin:imageimage


All of these women have slight greenish olive toned skin and if you look at Jennifer Lawrence, she clearly does tooimage

While I am all for people of color having more representation in all forms of media, the hunger games was not, I repeat, NOT whitewashed. Now, I’m not saying that Native American people cant have grey eyes, they absolutely can. All I’m saying is that the only thing they got wrong in casting was her hair color. Which isnt uncommon. Please pick a different movie (out of the plenty that actually have been whitewashed) as a demo for whitewashing.



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Me rn

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Me rn

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Gaga arriving in Tel Aviv, Israel (09.12.14)

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Gaga arriving in Tel Aviv, Israel (09.12.14)

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